Trouble With Studying

Studying for tests and quizzes in school are very important to your success, but sometimes finding the time and place to do this can be a bit tricky. Sports, sleepiness, and many other things all come together to make carving out time for studying very hard. But luckily I have some tips for you that could improve your study habits, and your grades as a result.

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With practices every night for basketball, I find it a bit tricky to balance taking naps and studying. Sleepiness from the previous night of studying always haunts me the following day. There are several things I’ve learned that have helped me evade this problem. One thing that has really helped me in this area is creating a schedule. On a typical day I come home from school, study for an hour or so, take a nap, eat dinner, then I’m off to practice. This really helps me satiate both my needs of studying and sleep.

Another problem I run into while studying is my urge to play video games. This urge always haunts me whenever I need to study because it always seems to relax me. I’ve found that the best way to solve this problem is to only play during the weekends. This frees up a lot of time during the night that can go to studying. The urge to play during the week can be hard to resist at first, but over time it goes away and it becomes rather easy to focus on studying.

I hope hearing what I’ve done to improve my study habits have helped you also. Remember that your grades are very important. Believe it or not they are even more important than that ridiculously fun video game you are thinking about. Good study habits lead to good grades which can open up a lot for you in life.

Do you have any other tips for studying that I didn’t mention? If so, what are they? Do you agree with my tips? If not, why? Also, if you have used some of the tips I mentioned, have they worked?


3 thoughts on “Trouble With Studying

  1. Hi Max!
    I enjoyed your study tips. You are right, grades and doing well in school is important to our futures. The thing that helps me study is limiting distractions. I often times will turn off my phone and other technology around me when I need to hit the books. It also helps to get my work done right when I get home. This way I am still in school mode and can get to bed at a reasonable time. I have tried a schedule before, but I always found that things would come up and it would become switched around. I do think that it is a useful skill if you can get one down. I hope you have fun winter break and enjoy endless video games.


  2. Max, I really enjoyed your study tips and I think they were really helpful. I fall victim to wanting to play video games too. Instead of limiting myself to only on the weekends, I decided to only play after all my homework is done. I am not playing a sport right now so I have more free time than you however, so it probably woks better for me. You talked about having to take a nap everyday and I feel like that should not be an everyday priority if you are struggling to get studying done. Overall, I could really relate to your post and thought your ideas were very helpful.


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