Learning How to Drive

Learning how to drive can be a stressful for time for you and your parents. The numerous rules and skills that are required to drive on the open road can be hard to understand and master. These were definitely hard for me to master as well, so I am going to tell you about some of the things I did to start driving.

Picture Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Drivers Education courses are required to get your permit and eventually get your license when you turn 16. These courses can be helpful and give you needed experience on the road before you drive for real, but you still need more practice. One of the things I did to hone my driving skills was drive with my mom more.

I think driving with my mom was vital to me while I was driving. She would tell me what things I was doing wrong and what things I needed to improve on. For example, I had a tendency to hug the right side of the road when I drove and she always reminded me of it. Because of her constant reminders, I became conscious of it and I began to correct it. Over time I stopped drifting over to the right side of the road. Driving with my mom and her telling me what I did wrong helped me become a better driver, and helped me ease my nerves as I drove more and more and got closer to getting my license.

Another thing that helped me learn how to drive was just staying calm. Driving when you are just learning can be very stressful. Being stressed can cause you to make mistakes and put you in danger. Staying calm helped me stay comfortable behind the wheel, and in turn improved my driving. Driving with my mom contributed to this calmness behind the wheel.

The last thing I did while learning how to drive was watch my mom. My mom has many years of experiences behind the wheel. Watching her drive was very crucial to learning. Watching how an experienced driver handled herself really helped me.

Was your first driving experience like mine? If not, what was it like? What things did you do to help you learn to drive? If you did anything that I didn’t do, what did you do?


4 thoughts on “Learning How to Drive

  1. Max, my first driving experience was exactly like yours except for I hated driving with my mom. She would be shouting nonstop commands into my ear the whole way. It was more distracting than helping. One thing that helped me learn easier was using my blinker for every single turn. It did not matter even if I was in my driveway or parking in an empty lot. Every time I turned, the blinker went on. This helped me learn better because I never had to remember it; flicking the blinker on was turned into an unavoidable habit. Did you use any tricks like that to help you learn?


  2. hey max, This post was really entertaining on the account of it being about driving. I have always loved cars especially ones that can go fast, but in all honesty driving is really serious. Being behind the actual wheel of a car is a lot different from playing a video game. I was in a minor car incident and it scared the crap out of me and I am still a tad paranoid which goes back to the fact of being a safe driver. Yes I think the drivers training classes are definitely needed if you plan on driving, but I think the best way to really start of learning is to drive in a parking lot with a parent before hand. That way you have some experience beforehand which can make things a lot safer and even speed up the learning process. it leaves me to ask, did you drive a little bit before you took drivers training? or did you learn everything when you took the class?


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