I used to think writing essays and responses were a waste of my time, but over the last couple of years I have realized how vital writing is. I have come to realize that writing shows up in more than just school. You have to be able to write well in order to get into a good college, give a speech, or send an important email to a co-worker at your job. This has really made me pay more attention to the quality of every writing assignment I do in school.

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Because writing is so important, I find to take it more seriously now, than I would have freshman year. I pay more attention to diction and syntax errors, and I try to use unique words that will make my writing sound more official. After all, you don’t want to sound like a fourth grader while giving a speech or in the professional setting. Another thing I have found myself doing while writing is proof reading over and over to make sure I am conveying what I want to say in the best manner possible. Whereas two years ago, I may sped through a paper in under a hour, skimmed over it for any minor errors, and turned it in.

Taking American Lit. with Ms. Dockus has also inspired me to be a better writer. All the portfolio responses have pushed me to be a good writer. Also, the mastery assignments we did earlier this year made me recognize all the different types of sentences and punctuation that I have been doing wrong for so many years. Learning these new things have really improved my writing, and in turn have made writing enjoyable.

Overall, my high school experience, and especially Ms. Dockus’ class have made writing so much fun. I looked forward to writing my portfolio responses and conveying my thoughts in a manner that sounded intelligent and good. Writing has become something that I look forward to doing in school, and in life as I move forward.

Do you think being a good writer is important? Do you think you’ve grown as a writer over the course of high school, and especially this year? Do you enjoy writing?


One thought on “Writing

  1. Max,
    Being a good writer is especially important in a world where writing is used all the time in almost all professions. This is why we are forced to take four years of literature classes in high school, because the school system recognizes its importance in the real world and wants us to learn what’s relevant. I certainly think I have grown as a writer because over the years I have learned many different literary devices to use as well as grown a deeper vocabulary through school. It is very interesting how it is a gradual process as I certainly do not remember any year in particular that provided the most growth in writing.


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